Colours of Life

Colours of Life:

MSB Educational Institute (Vasai road) hosted it’s first annual day on 29 February 2020. The central theme of the programme was “Colours of life”. All our tiny tots performed exceedingly well, viewers were mesmerized by their clothing, performances and their individual props. It all came down to their hard work in their preparation, which showed in their performances and the appreciation of their audience.

They portrayed, by their confident performances, how the eternal colors of the ever blossoming tree (MSB), which was planted by Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA  and nurtured by Syedna Aaliqadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (t.u.s), are exuded from them.

All performances of children were really eye catching. Our kids not only showed uniqueness of colors but motivated the viewers to acquire that uniqueness in their life. They showed that life is colorful if we obey our Parents , uproot weeds(bad deeds) and acquire good deeds, through various skits. A strong message of individuality was conveyed through their performances, each and every child is different from the other, just like no two colors are the same. A child cannot be judged by what their peers are doing, their individuality should be encouraged and nurtured. Same was conveyed for Hifz al Quran also, concluding this session with reciting Msb pledge and “Me nakh banis” nasheed.

The event came to a close after a scintillating performance of Karate by our students. The event was highly appreciated by the parents, based upon their individual feedbacks and the look of utmost satisfaction on their faces upon leaving the school premises.

Staff, Management ,Parents and Students  worked tirelessly for this event, which upon fruition was a spectacle to behold.

  • Centre:MSB Vasai Road
  • Date:29 Feb,2020

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