MSB VASAI virtual field trip

MSB VASAI virtual field trip:

Field trips for students are their golden opportunities to feel the realities of the world which they have been taught in their books. Although, the online platform used in schooling these days may seem to hinder them from grabbing these opportunities, but we at MSB Vasai Road made an effort to turn this hindrance into an opportunity itself.A live virtual field trip of construction site was conducted for class Lkg. And what better than seeing their own school being built. Children met labourers, engineers, plumbers, electricians and many more community helpers on site. Minds were filled with knowledge as well as values. Children contemplated that grand things can be achieved through teamwork. These virtual field trips let educators take students to amazing places and give them remarkable experiences without leaving the classroom.

  • Centre:MSB Vasai Road
  • Date:16 Sep,2021

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