Parent child practice session

Parent child practice session:

We strongly believe that a child turns from ✅struggling to progressing, ✅practicing to polishing, ✅surviving to thriving, only when parent, teacher and the child come together. Regular meetings between teachers and parents are central to the all round growth and development of a child. Keeping up with it a 'Saturday Special' was organised on the 20th of August for the parents of Pre- First and Grade 1. Along with an overview of what and how learning had happened in class, parent and child did fun activities to consolidate the learning. Queries/ doubts from parents were taken up by teachers and answered. We are thankful to all the parents who enthusiastically joined in and made the most of the day. At the end we all agree that " when you know better, you do better." Let's come together to knowing, and doing better.

  • Centre:MSB Vasai Road
  • Date:20 Sep,2022

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